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How to Make a Safe, Inexpensive Cat Collar

Step-by-step instructions that explain how to make a safe collar
that gently slips over your cat’s head.
1. Measure your cat’s neck with a soft, flexible measuring tape that conforms to the shape of her neck.

2. Buy a piece of strong, supple suede that is long enough to make a collar. (Or go to a leather repair shop and ask for nice pieces of suede that they do not need.) Select a colour that allows a black permanent marker to show up well.

3. Buy a pack of braided stretch elastic that is 3/8th of an inch in width, a small tube of crazy glue, and a black permanent marker.

4. Lay the piece of suede on a hard, flat surface, such as a kitchen counter. Use a ruler and pencil to mark the appropriate length and width of the collar. Then cut the suede with a sharp pair of scissors. (The width should be 3/8th of an inch, which is the same width as the braided stretch elastic. However, the width can be a bit wider, provided that the braided stretch elastic is the same width.)

5. Cut off approximately 2 inches of braided stretch elastic.

6. Use crazy glue to attach approximately 3/4th of an inch of one end of the braided stretch elastic to one end of the suede. Connect the other side of the suede and elastic in the same manner. Press firmly on the parts that have been attached with crazy glue. (Do not touch the crazy glue because it will stick to your fingers.)

Note: You will have approximately half an inch of exposed stretchy elastic which will enable you to slip the collar over your cat’s head.

7. Gently slip the collar over your cat’s head. (It will be slightly snug when slipping it over her head because her head is larger than her neck.) If you made the collar too big or too small, just make another one.

Note: Collars must be properly fitted; not too tight and not too loose. Use the two-finger rule: If you can slip your middle finger and index finger between your cat's neck and the collar, it is probably a good fit. If you have any questions regarding the correct size and fit of your cat's collar, just ask someone who is knowledgeable about cats for advice.

8. If you have a sewing machine or know someone who has one, you can reinforce the collar with stitching. However, this is not necessary because the crazy glue works very well.

Also, if you decide to stitch the collar, you should use crazy glue as described above. The reason is that cats like to roll on the ground. In the process, they rub their necks, which could eventually wear down the stitching where the suede and stretch elastic are connected.

9. Use a black permanent marker to print a contact number on the collar. There should be enough space to write your number twice. Or even write two different contact numbers.

10. Make an extra collar and keep it in a safe place along with the extra supplies.


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