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"Scotty’s Story"       

Ah, nothing like a nice sunbeam on a cool day in March ...

Unless it’s a trip somewhere, anywhere, with my Mom and Dad ...

Or a new squeaky toy from Santa!
But lately I haven’t felt very well…heard Mom and Dad talking with my doctor. They say I have T-cell lymphoma, cancer! I’m not sure what it is but it makes me feel bad…and it makes my Mom cry.

Mom and Dad would do anything for me and they try hard to protect me from any dangers. So they decided to have a microchip implanted in my back, just in case I got lost or stolen.

OK, OK, I’m very friendly and I might have the notion that I was put on this earth so that everyone I meet can pet me…even strangers. So with the chip, if I’m lost or stolen, maybe someone can help me get back home…if someone checks for a chip and if someone has the right scanner to detect my particular chip!

But, as it turns out, the chip wasn’t such a great idea! A small tumor formed on my back, right where that chip was implanted. So Mom and Dad took me to a vet. The test he ran did not detect the cancer and it was only after I had to have surgery to remove the tumor that we discovered that it was cancerous.
And, what do you know, when they removed the tumor from my back, they discovered another tumor attached with the microchip inside! I heard my Mom and Dad say, what if the chip caused the cancer? Has this happened to other animals as well? Turns out this problem is not all that unusual because other animals have developed cancerous growths at the site of their microchip implants too: Dogs, cats, mice, rats, small zoo animals, Damaraland mole-rats, a house musk shrew…even an Egyptian fruit bat!
So now I don’t feel very well. I know Mom and Dad are trying to keep me healthy and alive for as long as they can. I sure don’t like the cancer medication. Sometimes it makes me really sick. But I hope the medicine works because I want to stay with Mom and Dad for a long time.

Wishing you lots of hugs, kisses, yummy food, and great toys,



Scotty’s biopsy report of December 2009 - www.noble-leon.com/documents/

Radio interview with Scotty’s mom, Linda Hawkins - www.noble-leon.com/media/

Scientific documents regarding cancerous growths that have developed at the site of microchip implants - www.noble-leon.com/resourcesAdvanced/microchips.html

An in-depth, well-researched paper which examines the potential health risks associated with microchip implants, the unethical behavior of the microchip industry, and the goal to microchip all animals and humans alike: Microchip Implants: Technological Solution or 21st Century Nightmare? - www.noble-leon.com/letters/


Scotty’s Story has been graciously provided by his mom, Linda Hawkins, for the website of www.noble-leon.com in order to increase awareness of the microchip-cancer risk.


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