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Leon's letters

Léon’s webname, logo and graphics have been created exclusively for Léon the French Bulldog.

The graphic design of the face depicted in the logo has been created from a photograph of Léon. The paw print which appears throughout this website has been scanned from a clay imprint of his paw. Please do not reproduce Léon’s webname, logo, graphics or any part therein.

This website, www.noble-leon.com, has been inspired by my fearless friend and noble teacher, Léon the French Bulldog.

When selecting a name for the website, it was important to combine Léon’s name with a word that reflects his personality and all that he embodies. It is for this reason that the word “noble” has been chosen, and ultimately, “noble-leon.”

Webster’s New Word Dictionary and Thesaurus (1996) defines the word “noble” as:

Noble a. 1 [Possessing an exalted mind and character] generous, princely, magnanimous, magnificent, courtly, lofty, elevated, splendid, excellent, supreme, eminent, lordly, dignified, great, good, superior, great-hearted, high-minded, honorable, distinguished, liberal, tolerant, gracious, humane, benevolent, charitable, sympathetic, bounteous, brilliant, extraordinary, remarkable, devoted, heroic, resolute, valorous; see also WORTHY.-Ant. CORRUPT, low, ignoble. 2 [Possessing excellent qualities or properties] meritorious, virtuous, worthy, valuable, useful, first-rate, refined, cultivated, chivalrous, trustworthy, candid, liberal, gracious, princely, magnanimous, generous, sincere, truthful, constant, faithful, upright, honest, warm-hearted, true, incorruptible, distinctive, reputable, respectable, admirable, good, aboveboard, fair, just, estimable; see also EXCELLENT, PERFECT 2.-Ant. POOR, inferior, second-rate. 3 [Belonging to the nobility] titled, aristocratic, patrician, highborn, wellborn, blue-blooded, of gentle birth, imperial, lordly, high-bred, princely, of good breed, kingly; see also ROYAL.-Ant. COMMON, plebeian, lowborn. 4 [Grand] stately, impressive, imposing; see GRAND.

While there are many interpretations of the word “Léon,” one of the definitions of this word that so aptly describes Léon the French Bulldog is taken from Webster’s Online Dictionary. It says, “Leon is a name that signifies or is derived from: ‘a lion’.”

Although Léon was small in stature, he exuded big and bold. In his mind he was not only the King of the Jungle but also the Master of the Universe!

The words that have been chosen for Léon’s logo are the ones that are engraved on his small, cedar urn:

  Love, Light
Courage, Honour, Integrity

The word “love” symbolizes Léon’s love of life and his desire to share his love with others. It is also an expression of my profound love of Léon, and the reminder that love never dies.

The word “light” is a reflection of Léon’s light and of all that is good in the universe. His eternal light is also my light and my guide. Light never dies.

The word “courage” has been selected because Léon was fearless, sometimes fearless to a fault. Throughout his illness he refused to quit. Even though he had many opportunities to cross over, he stayed until the end. Léon’s lessons of courage shall always inspire me.

The word “honour” has been chosen because Léon represents all that is honourable and great. It is also a way that I can honour and pay tribute to a dynamic French Bulldog who gave me an invaluable education and changed my life.

The word “integrity” symbolizes Léon’s attitude and his actions. It also embodies everything that my most endearing friends have impressed upon me.

  May your life be filled with love, light,
courage, honour and integrity.

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