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Introduction to Leon

This website has been created in memory of an unforgettable French Bulldog named Léon. While it was never our intention to create a website, life has a way of presenting obstacles and allowing us to determine the way in which we will respond. We can ignore the obstacles and hope that they magically disappear. Or, we can face them and play our part, however great or small, in their resolution.

In April 2004, Léon was diagnosed with a fibrosarcoma (cancer) at the site of his microchip implant. This location (dorsal neck/interscapular area) is also commonly used to vaccinate dogs, cats and other animals.

As a result of Léon’s vaccine and/or microchip-induced fibrosarcoma, I started asking a few questions. Those questions led to more questions. And those questions led to many frightening and disheartening answers which revealed that Léon’s health problems were man-made. The answers also revealed that the pharmaceutical companies, medical community and those who are meant to protect us are fully aware of these problems, yet blindly and recklessly steer us down the same misguided and ill-fated path.

When Léon became ill, I told him not to worry. I promised him th at his health problems would be resolved and that we would have many more wonderful years together. Unfortunately, I was unable to fulfill my promise to my irreplaceable, four-legged companion, and I eventually had to let him go.

The day that I let Léon go, I made another promise to him--a promise that I shall keep. I promised Léon that his lessons would not be forgotten. And I promised him that his story would be shared with the world so that others would know the real truth regarding vaccines and microchips.

In July 2006, the paper entitled “Fibrosarcoma with Typical Features of Postinjection Sarcoma at Site of Microchip Implant in a Dog: Histologic and Immunohistochemical Study” was published in Veterinary Pathology regarding Léon’s case. The full text (free) of this paper is available online. The publication of Léon’s fibrosarcoma paper and the creation of this website are positive steps towards fulfilling the promise that I made to my truly special and unforgettable friend.

While browsing this website, it will become evident that Léon’s story is not just about Léon. Léon’s story is about all of us.

By discussing the necessity, efficacy and safety of vaccines and microchips, this website touches on a plethora of problems, the tentacles of which are far-reaching. This website highlights some of the wrongs that must be made right before we destroy our animals, ourselves and our planet. And this website demonstrates that the choices we make have a rippling effect throughout society.

Léon’s story is important to share because it is a perfect example of the serious inadequacies and blatant flaws in “the system” that is allegedly designed “in our best interests.” For decades we have been programmed to believe that vaccines are necessary and beneficial to the health and well-being of our animals and ourselves. However, once we remove our myopic glasses, do our own homework and start to think for ourselves, we learn, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that vaccines have actually had extremely serious, often irreversible and even fatal consequences.

Statements such as, “The one-year revaccination frequency recommendation found on many vaccine labels is based on historical precedent and USDA regulation, not on scientific data” should send shivers down our spines. Papers published since the early 1990s regarding cats (and now dogs and ferrets too) developing vaccine-induced sarcomas (cancer due to the vaccines that are supposed to be “in their best interests!”) should compel us to tear off our blinders and mandate an end to the pure lies and sheer madness. However, in spite of the overwhelming evidence of the widespread damage done by vaccines to animals and humans alike, we have, somehow, been pacified by statements such as “the benefits of vaccines far outweigh the risks.” We have also, somehow, been pacified by the erroneous belief that vaccine-related problems are rare, when the truth is that these problems are simply misdiagnosed, covered up and grossly under-reported.

Instead of focusing our energy on practical, enduring solutions to healthcare issues, such as cleaning up our environment, boosting our immune systems and detoxifying our bodies, we continue to convince ourselves that the use of potentially dangerous vaccines is the silver-bullet solution to the war on germs.

While the unfortunate truth regarding vaccines (and many other products) is being exposed in some forums, it is at the same time being quietly brushed aside by those who claim to protect us. Instead of stopping the madness, those who are meant to preserve our health are knowingly pursuing more madness, and the consequences of their greed and intentional deception are damaging lives and eroding societies.

As we are grappling with questions regarding the necessity, efficacy and safety of vaccines, we are teetering on the brink of committing ourselves to another gross error which, like vaccines, will be difficult if not impossible to reverse. That error is the implantation of microchips in animals and in humans.

While certain misguided groups are trying to lure us with the sales pitch that microchips will “protect us,” “improve our quality of life” and are “perfectly safe,” the real truth is that the implantation of microchips in animals and humans will not protect us, nor will it improve the quality of our lives. And as documented by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), mice and rat studies, as well as Léon’s case, microchips are not “perfectly safe.”

Once we step back, examine the facts, and look objectively at the big picture, it is obvious that microchips, like vaccines, are not the silver-bullet solution to our man-made problems. Instead, microchips are a 21st century nightmare--one which, ironically, will result in further damage that “experts” and “authorities” will attempt to resolve with yet more ill-conceived synthetic “solutions.” These “solutions” will bring with them a fresh crop of problems to be solved, and so on, as we continue perpetuating the vicious and never-ending cycle of ignorance.

Real solutions do not lie in animal and human microchipping. And real solutions do not lie in societies based on fear, greed and power. Real, enduring solutions lie in building nations based on high moral values and standards.

After reading Léon’s story and the resources that have been included on this website, you will draw your own conclusions regarding the necessity, efficacy and safety of both vaccines and microchips. Bear in mind, however, that whatever you conclude--to vaccinate or not to vaccinate, to microchip or not to microchip--it is crucial that we, both individually and collectively, do not abandon our ideals or forfeit the rights and freedoms that our forefathers fought so hard to protect. We must be mindful of the importance and necessity of maintaining our individual right to choose what we put in the bodies of our animals, our children and ourselves.

And so we come full circle. Léon’s story is not just about Léon. Léon’s story is about all of us and what we must learn from his story so that future tragedies are prevented.

As you browse through this website, please think about how this information affects you and your loved ones. And, as you browse through this website, please remember that Léon did not die from an accident or from neglect. Léon did not even die from old age. Léon died because I foolishly trusted and believed in “the system” that has been created by “the experts” “in our best interests.”

Please do not let Léon’s story fall on blind eyes or on deaf ears.

Thank you.

All the best,

Jeanne, on behalf of, and in memory of, noble Léon

February 2007
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